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Author Topic: android spy apps  (Read 68 times)


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android spy apps
« on: April 13, 2021, 07:13:17 PM »

The kids of todayís generation are way too smarter than their parents in terms of technological knowledge. Like most parents, if you too have given a phone to your kid, your biggest concern would surely be related to the unacceptable activities that one can perform using a cell phone. And to be honest, you canít even track those activities, no matter how frequently you check their cell phones manually. And the reason is that they know how to use a phone better than you ever did.

So what to do now? You canít even refuse to give them a cell phone, because itís a necessity to cope up with todayís era. Well, the only answer to your question is an android spy apps. But then another question arises. Does simply installing a spying app on their Android device while letting your kid know about its installation will help you achieve your task? Absolutely no. They will anyhow find a way to tackle that problem or might show the audacity to simply uninstall the app.

Now what you can do is, install a tracking app on their device and hide it. Using this simple trick you will be able to track their Android devices and they wonít be able to tamper with the app. Even while knowing about the existence of such an app on their Android device, by just hiding it, they wonít be able to find a way to delete it.